Preparing for Steam Greenlight

Preparing for Steam Greenlight

Das Humankapital bio photo By Das Humankapital

We finally have the impression that we could (and should) launch the Steam Greenlight process for our game. We would greatly appreciate it if you support us by giving us a vote when the time comes – which will be very soon! If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to our mailing list on our contact page.

Right now, we’re finalizing a playable demo which we’ll also put on Steam. There still are plenty of glitches and issues, but since this is all work-in-progress anyway, we hope you will not be too strict with us. On the contrary, we would very much appreciate any (this includes negative!) feedback you have, so we can make the game more enjoyable. If something does not work, there’s a chance you are the first to encounter the issue – if we don’t know it, we cannot act on it.

Enough with the drivel, back to work.

Going to Steam Greenlight soon ...