AB:HM at Comic Con Austria

AB:HM at Comic Con Austria

Das Humankapital bio photo By Das Humankapital

This weekend we had a booth at the Comic Con Austria, which took place in the Design Center of Austria’s city of industry: Linz. We have been given the chance by the very friendly and cool guys of AUTplay. You totally rock, dudes!

Also, we met some nice and tasty meat who would play the demo of the game and give valuable feedback. As developers and designers of this game it was very helpful to virtually look over your shoulders. So, once again, thanks for being a part of this; with the things we learned from you we will try to improve on the game.

There were some good ideas for addition as well. There’s plenty things to revise and reflect on; not all of it is going to make it into the game, we really want to release it soon, so big new features at this point are probably not feasible. However, I have the feeling that we will add some of it. I must say, there was some sick shit in the suggestions. For those who feel addressed: I cannot stress enough the fact that I like the way you think.

Now I feel fatigued, you know, the good kind after a day of hard work. It was a good weekend, but I need some sleep. Just going to feed the Atomic Butcher to keep him calm over night, and then I’m off to bed.

Some random dudes playing Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus Nazgul and us, together at last
Two impressions of Comic Con Austria