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We believe that a game can only be judged by playing it. Do not rely on screenshots or videos, try it out yourself! Humbly, we put a pre-alpha preview demo in your hands. As of now, we provide just a Windows 64-bit and Linux build. We’re very much interested in feedback, especially if the game crashes or behaves badly. Please send us a mail to in that case.

We take no responsibility on any damages caused by the demo on you, your computer, your mother, your kids, your cats, … your everything. Please keep in mind that this is a preview, where not everything is fully balanced, optimized, and bug-free. We still have some things up our sleeves that are not playable here right now, but we feel safe to say that the overall feeling and experience will be pretty much this.

If you like it, please spread the word … we are always glad about likes on our facebook page. You can follow us on Twitter or Steam, or subscribe to our newsletter (see the contact page for details). The installation is pretty straight-forward: just download the ZIP, unpack it somewhere and double-click the EXE file on Windows, or start the respective executable on Linux (there is one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit). The best results will be achieved with a resolution of 800x600 and graphics quality set to “Good”. It may be that for other configurations, something does not work correctly or bring the game to a grinding halt – as I said, this is not optimized yet.

But enough of the drivel, download the Windows 64-bit demo build here (ZIP file with approximately 130 MiB). Or you can download Linux universal (32-bit and 64-bit) demo build here (ZIP file with approximately 110 MiB).

The following things are known issues (thanks for your feedback thus far!)

  • The main menu does not react to the mouse. If you do not have a Controller attached, hit Enter.
  • There is no easy way to quit the game. You cannot access the menu. Hit Alt+F4 to quit.
  • There is no version number displayed in the demo release. This will be fixed in the final release.