Vienna Comix - Aftermath

Vienna Comix - Aftermath

Das Humankapital bio photo By Das Humankapital

The past two days we had a small booth at the Comix in Vienna.

Looking very important and all aside, we unleashed yet another pre-alpha preview onto the public, with a few levels playable. The overall perception was quite good, and our fear to be kicked out turned out to be unnecessary. Maybe we should’ve taken the Butcher himself with us, there was so much meat running around, some of which dressed up in fancy clothes. Did I mention already that I totally dig cosplayers?

Overall, I think the weekend was quite the success. We got to watch “fresh” players play the game. As an engineer, such data is very valuable and we couldn’t resist taking notes. Alas, there are a few things to improve, which we wouldn’t have noticed ourselves (mostly due to our blindness to certain things as developers). The data we collected is quite good, so let’s hope that we don’t mess it up. We’ll try our best.

David presenting Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus Alex presenting Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus
David (left) and Alex (right) presenting Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus

Big thanks to the guys behind Comix, and to all visitors for their kind words and valuable feedback, it was awesome!