Fighting With Unity, Cacodemons and Imps

Fighting With Unity, Cacodemons and Imps

Das Humankapital bio photo By Das Humankapital

A Developer’s Rant

Well, today has been quite mixed for me. The fact that it was hellishly hot aside, I originally intended to do some clean-up in the code base and get rid of some old junk. A task that's been overdue since ... I don't know ... and one that's boring enough so it's easy to lay off.

For some reason, Unity 3D (the tool that we're using to create "Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus") decided to team up with the heat to torture me. The debugger connection was especially buggy today and crashed my IDE a couple times. Even though my hardware setup is not too bad at home, restarting Unity costs a few minutes, the penalty of being ripped out of the current thought process not reckoned. All in all, I was not as productive as I would've wished for.

Frustrated, I dug out my copy of Doom. It took a while to setup a working server, but I managed (port forwarding and firewall rules to the rescue!). By the way, Zandronum and Brutal Doom in combination totally rock. We played a short coop game (which escalated to a full-blown play through the first episode), and it was good. Rip! Rip! Rip and Tear! Then I was happy.