Das Humankapital
Based in Linz, Austria

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September 2016

PC / Mac


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"Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus" (AB:HM for short) is a game about destruction, mayhem, instant gratification and the state of western society. Also, peeing your enemies to death. In this post-apocalyptic, exploitation-styled platformer/twinstick-shooter you play the role of the eponymous "Atomic Butcher", a crazed mutant stalking the ruins for fresh meat, driven by an unsatiable hunger - he is the perfect weapon of mass digestion! On his eternal quest for sentient beings to devour, some years ago the Atomic Butcher(TM) stumbled upon a huge underground biotech lab from the times before the great fall. A new form of life should have been created there, one that could withstand the harsh reality of the wastes - but then the Butcher came along... He spent the last few years inside this facility, eating all the organic matter it contained. Recently however, the meat reserves there are depleting and food is becoming harder and harder to find. The Butcher's need for more is eventually driving him back up to the surface. There, he will ravage what is left of the world anew - and eventually clash with another force that just might rival his hunger... An epic struggle of gastronomic proportions begins! The game was released on Steam for PC/Linux/Mac in September 2016.


Development of the very first prototype started in 2013.


  • Classic platformer controls combined with 360° aiming
  • Lots of secrets, easter eggs and hidden goodies!
  • Reactive environments: Use fire, gas, electricity, fluids, wind etc. to your advantage!
  • 7 areas with multiple scenes each - battle through surreal post apocalyptic stages filled with absurd mutants and deadly traps!
  • A story line about an epic battle for the future of this planet! No, really!
  • Retro pixel graphics drawn with intricate love for the (disgusting) details!
  • Blood! Gore! Insanity! Preposterous acts of unwarranted violence!
  • Perfect moonwalk skills of our hero!


Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus Release Trailer YouTube

Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus Teaser Trailer YouTube




Selected Articles

  • ",Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus‘ ist das abartige Gesicht der heimischen Indie-Games"
    - Andranik Ghalustians, VICE Alps
  • "What I am always impressed by is slick art design, and this game has that in spades. [...] Atomic Butcher turns out to be a game that can deliver on all fronts, and I really enjoyed my time with it."
    - Alex Santa Maria, TechRaptor
  • "“if” Das Humankapital keeps up the good work, then I wouldn´t be surprised if they end up having a big indie hit on their hands."
    - Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground
  • "Yep, Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus is ridiculously grotesque game, but it’s also surprisingly fun, with tight controls, challenging gameplay, great pixel art animation, excellent cut-scenes and fun level design."
    - KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer

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About Das Humankapital

Das Humankapital is a small indie game studio located in Linz, Austria. Its core crew consists of David and Roland, both of which are passionate gamers and game designers. The first endeavor was started in 2003 with the development of "Atomic Butcher". Approximately 10 years later, David and Roland teamed up for another joint venture, the sequel "Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus". This time, a company was founded.

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Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus Credits

Moritz, Roland
Artist, Designer

Schwingenschlögl, David
Coder, Designer

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