Das Humankapital
Based in Linz, Austria

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December 2004

PC (Windows)


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Welcome to Atomic Butcher. In this post-nuclear jump'n'run game, you play the role of a crazed mutant freak who is sent out from the bunker he lived in in order to collect as much meat as possible. To do so, you have to kill everything in sight and collect the corpses; if you have collected enough, you may proceed to the next level. If you think this is a stupid and unnecesarilly violent concept for a game, you are right and paid attention; congratulations, you now understand a lot about the current state of computer games.


When we started our project in January 2004, all we knew was that we'd like to make "some kind of jump'n'run", and that it should be a small "quick and dirty" game. Both of us had already tried to program games on their own before that, but usually we didn't come very far (...a common ill with indie game programmers), so our idea was to "join forces" and, for a start, create a really simple game with the only goal of getting it finished, whatever it was. So, without any real planing, we just started coding like mad and, after a few days (and nights) of programming we had a simple tilemap with scrolling and a particle system. We were sure that this would take no longer than a month, maybe two. But somehow the whole thing got out of hand after a while, and when we saw that our code (we never dared to call it an "engine" due to a total lack of architectural planning) was actually working, we started stuffing feature after feature in it, even though the core of our game was never designed for it... Now, almost a year later, Atomic Butcher is finally finished, and it's truly a miracle that it actually works. The code grew bloated and became ugly as hell, filled with heaps of hacks to circumvent our lack of planning in the first place. But it is done now (and didn't turn out THAT bad, we think), and we are actually quite proud of our first finished game, even though there are a lot of obvious flaws with it...and we learned a lot for our future releases, which will definitely come! (Even though it may take a while...)


  • 360° seamless aiming
  • perfect moon walk of our "hero"
  • 7 distinctive weapons
  • 47 different enemies
  • 10 levels full of unnecessary violence
  • lots of secrets
  • a powerful particle system
  • a simple scripting engine
  • even more unnecessary violence


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Selected Articles

  • "The main reason why I blog it isn’t that it’s an expansive freeware action game. It’s because you play a character whose default weapon is radioactive urine. And, if you direct your stream into a fire, it ignites, making it EVEN MORE DEADLY. We need to mediate upon this, and decide that whether this actually is the true spiritual sequel to Fallout we were all waiting for."
    - Kieron Gillen, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Atomic Butcher's gameplay is amazing. It reminds me of the '90s platformers such as Alien Carnage, Abuse, etc... The plot is simple but surprisingly holds your attention. The graphics are top notch for this genre and won't dissapoint. The sound and music are good too! Download it now! 10/10!"
    - Kevlar Games, allegro.cc

Release 1.0 of the game
Available (PC, Windows) for free from dashumankapital.net.

Patch 1.1 of the game
Available (PC, Windows) for free from dashumankapital.net.

About Das Humankapital

Das Humankapital is a small indie game studio located in Linz, Austria. Its core crew consists of David and Roland, both of which are passionate gamers and game designers. The first endeavor was started in 2003 with the development of "Atomic Butcher". Approximately 10 years later, David and Roland teamed up for another joint venture, the sequel "Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus". This time, a company was founded.

More information
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Atomic Butcher Credits

Moritz, Roland
Artist, Designer

Schwingenschlögl, David
Coder, Designer

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